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CSS introductionThe CSS introduction document gives you an idea how to use CSS to design the look (style) of your web pages (HTML documents).

It is recommended to know the basic concepts mentioned in the Computer Crash Course and in the document Build a Website easily as well as in the HTML introduction.

You will learn how to apply CSS to a HTML document, like in-line, internal and external as well as cascading and @import.

I explain how to change color and text style as well as font formats.

I go trough styles for background, links and lists.

I discuss the mechanism of selectors, pseudo elements and the box model.

You will learn how to style tables, position content, split a web page into columns as well as how to group a HTML document.

If you want more information, you can get my PDF document for free, no e-mail required for downloading, no fancy marketing tricks. It’s just FREE ! Click on this link for the CSS introduction-PDF document to start the download.

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