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Build a Website easilyIn this article, I will give you a summary of my document “Build a Website easily”. I will cover the possibilities of creating web pages technically and some other basics. I explain also how to host your Website and what is necessary for that. I will give you some information about testing, optimizing, monitoring and further development. At the end of the PDF document, you will find two checklists for a quick approach.
On the bottom of this article, you will find the download link for the PDF document.

Website creation

There is a broad range of possibilities of creating Websites. The easiest approach is to pick up a free Website builder online service and simply click your Website together. The hardest way is to code everything by hand in using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP – yes it’s possible!

Website basics

You have not only to code (create nice web pages) in order to get a successful Website. You have to pay carefully attention to put excellent content on every web page! The design of the whole web page should be user friendly. You have to implement SEO techniques as well as browser compatible and mobile friendly code. If you want to make money with your Website, you have to apply marketing strategies.


Hosting means having your web pages on a Web server and maybe having your own domain name. You can get hosting for free or non free. Free hosts add normally advertising banner on your Website. Choose your hoster in function of the traffic you have on your Website (performance).


It is best practice to validate code and also to check links, metadata, browser, mobile and in general the whole functionality of your Website.


There is always something to tweak aside from image size and speed !

Search engines and publicity

Basically, you have to be indexed in all major search engines. You have to get your name and your Website noticed as often as possible and in a maximum of different places on the Internet. For that, use also the social medias to spread your message.

Making money

One of the first steps could be to implement the Google AdSense program. You will get money if a visitor clicks on the ad.


Monitoring is crucial for success and developing your Website (business). Check if you are doing well with search engines, track users behavior and also observe what your competitors do.

Further development

Work on links constantly, add new great and relevant content and stay up to date with the newest technologies.

If you want more information, you can get my PDF document for free, no e-mail required for downloading, no fancy marketing tricks. It’s just FREE for download.
Click on build a Website easily to start the download.

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