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programming introductionIn this article, I will give you a summary of my document “Programming introduction”. This document is a guideline for teachers, it will give you an idea of writing a script and programming in a high level programming language like thin Basic and Python.


You will learn how to list a directory, by a script, in a Windows and Linux environment. Windows batch and Linux bash is used for that.

Basic program structure

The basic program structure means the definition and places of the basic blocks of a program. Basically, you have the comment block to identify the program itself, the declarations and the main program block.

thin Basic for Windows

The thin Basic interpreter is freeware. I made four little program examples beginning with the classic “hello world”. You can get more information about thin Basic on Wikipedia .

Python for Linux

I used the Python interpreter to demonstrate the same four programs as for the thin Basic interpreter. It starts with the “hello world”, then goes to “user input” handling, to the “if decision” and finally to a “for loop”.

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