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In this article you will get Linux basic information and what advantages you will have by using it.

What is Linux ?

Linux is an operating system. An operating system is the software which connects the computer and its programs. A program is for example Word (word processor) or Excel (spreadsheet).
Linux is an operating system which has the same functionalities as Windows. That is why Windows can be replaced by Linux. There are rumors that Linux is more complicated than Windows. It has to be pointed out however that this can happen on the installation level, but not concerning the use of Linux.
There’s a worldwide community of voluntary programmers who are developing continuously the Linux operating system. The Linux community provides their operating system free of charge for everybody.
Linux is a synonym for so-called distributions. Examples of easy to use distributions are :
Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Fedora, Mageia, etc.

Why using Linux ?

1) For the “health” of your budget !

Linux is completely free of charge.
In addition to that you can continue to use your computer even if it has a certain age, because Linux needs less resources than Windows. Once your computer is equipped with Linux, you can go on working with it for years.

2) For the ecology !

The fabrication of a personal desktop computer uses 1500 liters of water, 225 liters of petrol, 23 kg of chemical products, 19 metals and heavy metals… Thanks to Linux you can continue to use your computer, so you contribute to the reduction of the pollution and of the waste of the natural resources.

Why not to use Linux ?

The newest games are usually not supported by Linux.


Some of the newest printers and other peripheral devices are not 100% supported  by Linux. Before you decide to use Linux on a new computer, verify if the components are compatible with Linux.

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