Green PC advantages

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Green PC means a PC which uses a minimum of resources and causes less damage to the environment than normal PCs.

 The production of green PCs

  • uses less and environmental friendly materials
  • uses less energy
  • uses lead free parts
  • produces less carbon dioxide output (CO2)

Results in using green PCs

  • they consume less energy than normal PCs
  • they have better power management capabilities
  • they have a positive impact on your monthly electrical bill
  • they produce less carbon dioxide output (CO2)

Additional measures

  •   disconnect the PC during the night from the power source
  •   use the power options in your operating system in order to save energy
  •   switch to hibernate mode while leaving the PC for more than 1 hour


Give your old PC away ! If the PC is still working – it’s not for the trash. PCs no more used can be reused, for example in public charity and community programs. Linux for Africa does reconditions PCs from Europe, installs a Linux distribution and ships them to southern Africa countries for schooling purposes. More information : Linux for Africa

If you have a non functioning PC, give it for recycling. The recycling process recovers materials for reuse instead of eliminating them by using energy.

By a used PC. This will help to avoid recycling of a functioning PC and to waste energy.

Green PCs are also available with boxes made of cardboard or wood.

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