My little IT security checklist

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This IT security checklist gives you an overview of some points to consider.

  • Secure the building and the hardware
  • Work in a user account by default
  • Use strong passwords and change them periodically
  • Define restrictive authentication rights for all users
  • Run a robust, stable operating system
  • Close all open ports per default / run a personal firewall in stealth mode
  • All software must be up to date (use none wide spread software, replace adobe flash for example)
  • Don’t forget to make the backup regularly, encrypt sensitive data
  • Make regular hard disk checks (physical, logical)
  • Surf with a “secure” browser (Firefox…) and use https
  • Configure your Internet related programs and hardware very restrictive (browser, router…)
  • Check your mails with the browser instead of a mail client software like Outlook, Thunderbird…
  • Run good anti malware programs in real time mode and with automated updates
  • Don’t pass sensitive information to others
  • Check all (new) files on malware before saving them on your machine
  • Automate the monitoring
  • Check if the monitoring is working properly (disk health, log alerts, intrusion prevention system…)
  • Check your system / Internet with the Kali Linux (Back Track) security tools
  • Disconnect your computer sometimes from the Internet (over night…)

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