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This article shows you the key differences of a Website and a blog.

Websitewebsite or blog

A Website is a collection of Webpages. These Webpages are hosted on a Webserver. You can access the Website (and its Webpages) with your browser by using an address like

Static Website

The content of a static Website does not change unless it is manually updated by the webmaster.


A blog (comes from web log) is a specialized Website! A blog is normally updated on a regular basis with new content, the so called posts.

The differences between a blog and a static Website

The major difference between a blog and a static Website is the content management.

The content of a static Website is not updated on a regular basis. Normally the webmaster only can change it.

The content of a blog is modified on a regular basis by one or more authors. The author can write posts with a simple user interface. A blog provides a comment system, an exchange between the author of a post and the readers can take place.

A blog has normally a better ranking than a static Website in the search engines. The reason for that is the changing and growing content.

Improvement of a static Website

You can integrate a blog in a static Website in order to add the functionality/benefits of a blog to your static Website.

Dynamic Websites

Dynamic Websites like Amazon for example change often there content, this is done by a webmaster. Visitor interaction can also be integrated in dynamic Websites. This can be implemented in adding a shopping cart, customer reviews and personalized offers, etc.

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